Calibration & Repair

We provide services for the following systems and equipment:
Dimensional & Mechanical Electronics Pressure, Flow & Torque
Angle Gages Analog Current Meters Deadweight Testers
Angle Plates Analog Multimeters Differential Pressure Gages
Bevel Protractors Analog Volt Meters Flow Meters (Air)
Bore Gages Attenuator Magnehelic Gages
Chamfer Gages Bridges Manometers
Clyindrical Plugs Cable Tensionmeters Pressure Calibrators
CMM’s Capacitance Meters  Pressure Controllers
Cylindrical Rings Clamp Meters Pressure Gages (Air & Liquid)
Dial Calipers Conductivity Meters  Pressure Test Gages
Dial Indicators Data Loggers Pressure Transducers 
Durometer Specimen Decade Resistors Torque Analyzers
Durometers Digital Current Meters Torque Calibrators
End Rods Digital Multimeters Torque Cells
Feeler Gages Digital Readouts Torque Multiplier
Film Thickness Gages  Digital Volt Meters Torque Screwdrivers
Gage Blocks Earth Testers Torque Sensors
Hardness Testers Electronic Load .  Torque Testers
  ESD Stations Torque Transducers
Height Gages Frequency Counters Torque Watches
Height Masters Function Generators Torque Wrenches
Intertests Ground Tester Vacuum Gages
Length Standards High Voltage Vacuum Transducers
Micrometer Standards Hi-Pot Tester  
Micrometers Hypot Testers Temp & Humidity
Microscopes LCR Bridge  Data Logger
Optical Comparators LCR Meters Dial Thermometers
Optical Flats Meggers Digital Thermometers
Optical Parallels Meg-ohm Meter Glass Thermometers
Pin Gages Multifunction Calibrator Hygrometers
Pitch Gages Multimeter Ovens
Precision Balls Network Analyzer Temperature Recorders
Precision Levels Ohm Meters Temperature Controllers
Radius Gages Oscilloscopes Temperature Indicators
Roughness Specimens Panel Meters Temperature Transmitter
Roughness Tester pH Meters Thermocouplers
Roundness Gages Position Recorders  
Rulers Power Supplies Mass & Force
Sine Bars Rectifier Balance
Sine Plates Resistivity Meter Dynamometers
Squares Resistors Force Gages
Supermicrometers Shunts Load Cells
Surface Plates Signal Analyzer Mass Cells
Test Indicators Signal Generators Push-Pull Gages
Thickness Gages Solder Guns/Pots Irons  Scales
Thread Plug Gages Sound Level Meters  Spring Testers
Thread Ring Gages Spectrum Analyzer Tensil Testers
Thread Wires Static Meters Wire Pull Gages
V Blocks Stopwatch & Timers  
  Thermal Couple/RTD  
  Watt Meters  
  Wave Analyzer  
  Wrist/Foot Strap Testers  

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